Rockin' Luke Stroud ... Rockin' his life away


A Little About Rockin' Luke...

Rock'n'roll/rockabilly/50's style piano player and singer...

This bio is from about 2005:

"Rockin' His Life Away..."

"You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain. Too much a lovin' drives a man insane..." These were the opening lines that penetrated the air from a little cassette tape given to him by his dad. It was the sound, the lyrics and most of all, the rhythmic piano style that would entice an impressionable 9-year-old boy and create a fire that would turn into a passion and a longing to create the same sound as that of which he heard. It was here for the first time in his life that Luke found something he wanted to do with all of his heart---all thanks to "The Killer," Jerry Lee Lewis and a present from his parents. From that cassette and those first songs he heard, Luke began practicing and pantomiming on a broken piano. Making any sound from it he could helped in developing his own sound and rhythm. In March of 1995, at not yet the age of fifteen, he asked his dad and mom for a working piano to play on. That was all it took---he bought him one. It could possibly be the most important and influential gift his parents could ever give him. It would prove not to go unused or be a short-lived hobby. For nearly eight and a half hours, each day after school, he practiced and practiced on that piano. The first song he fully learned was "Carrying On", a lesser known, little rockin' tune that Jerry Lee recorded in 1958. While he learned the music that touched his soul, it was his soul that reflected that passion and feeling. He began doing what came natural. To anyone who loves such music, what is natural is to move and feel the sound. And move he did. His rock and roll stage antics suddenly began to match his vocal and boogie-woogie piano playing performance and style. It was here Rockin' Luke LeWolfe Stroud was born. That began nearly ten years ago, and today, "Rockin' Luke" continues growing as his own artist. Along with playing the piano, he has become quite the musician on guitar and drums. He writes his own songs, including one he performs in his show entitled "I'm Still Thinking of You"---a song about a love-gone-wrong and the inability to forget. The tune and lyrics, although reminiscent to that of his idol, is certainly Luke's own. Luke was born in Newport, Arkansas, but calls Cave City home---a small town located in the northern region of the state---just hours from Memphis, Tennessee, home of the musical sound and legends he admires. Cave City is proud of the "hometown boy with the big talent," and loves it each time he performs in the area; Luke loves to share his talent to anyone willing to listen. And, who wouldn't? Luke pours his heart into what he does. He gives one-hundred-fifty percent. Despite the sweat and blistered fingers each time he performs, it's worth it. He immerses himself into it, no matter the size of the crowd. He gives it all. One could not possibly walk away from his show without getting everything they came for. They get more. He taught himself. At such a young age, he found that something he truly loves and did everything he could in learning to do it well. And that journey hasn't stopped.... At twenty-four, Luke Stroud has accomplished what others twice his age still search for---what they are meant to do in life. Yes, he may have taught himself, but in truth this talent isn't something that is learned. It's a gift from God---a true God-given talent."

Written by: Lacy Mitchell about 6 years ago...

Rockin' Luke performs around North East Arkansas with his band "The Fifties Beat," and has performed at Bally's Casino in Tunica, Ms and in Memphis, Tn.

He also was the last performer at the legendary Billy Lee Riley tribute/memorial/benefit show held August 30, 2009. The lineup for that show consisted of: Dale Hawkins "Suzie Q", Carl Mann "Mona Lisa", Sleepy Labeef, W. S. Holland (Johnny Cash's drummer), J.M. Van Eaton (Sun studio staff drummer, played on a lot of Billy Lee Riley's and Jerry Lee Lewis' recordings), Larry Donn, Travis Wammack, Teddy Riedel (wrote "Judy" a song recorded by Elvis), Ace Cannon, Smoochy Smith, Ben Jones (Cooter from the "Dukes of Hazzard"), Jeannie and the Guys, and Sonny Burgess and the Pacers!!! He was pictured in "Blue Suede News" magazine along with the others who participated in this event.

Luke also performed at the Vaden Records 50th Anniversary show in Feb. 2010 and was again pictured in "Blue Suede News" magazine along with the other participants (Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, Larry Donn, Teddy Riedel, Bobby Brown, Joyce Green and Chuck Comer).


 This photo is of Rockin' Luke performing at the Billy Lee Riley Benefit in Newport, AR at the Silver Moon in 2009!


 This photo is of Rockin' Luke and Country Music legend Mickey Gilley. Luke was one of the opening acts for Mickey and Narvel Felts October 2010 at the Rock'n'Roll Highway 67 Music Festival in Pocahontas, Arkansas!


 This photo is of Rockin' Luke and Johnny Cash's daughter Rosanne Cash... Taken 4-16-20011!

 The photo below is of Rockin' Luke and Original Sun Recording Artist Sonny Burgess, 4-2009!

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